Over the past decade, with the advent of new, technologically-savvy ways to shop and save, the retail landscape has undergone some dramatic changes. One constant that has remained, however, is the need to engage with customers and capture their attention in order to drive sales, build brand loyalty, and increase market shares. While there are numerous ways to elevate customer experience with your product, a core one that is often overlooked is brand packaging. So today, let’s take a closer look at how something as simple as quality packaging can positively affect customer buy-in rates.

It Defines The Brand

As much as we might like to think it’s all about what’s inside the box, studies indicate that customers associate brands as much with their packaging as with their products. To that end, optimizing the impact of your brand packaging both on the shelf and in the customer’s hand will communicate the brand in a way that would be lacking if left exclusively to the functionality of your product, and it will make your products easily identifiable with your brand.

It Ensures Quality

While this facet is ultimately best left to your products themselves, there’s little doubt that premium packaging materials can help fortify the customer’s positive experience and better encourage them to associate quality with your brand in general.

It’s important to remember that packaging is the first thing your customer will see. High end packaging materials will simply make your product more appealing from the get-go.

What’s more, quality packaging serves the practical purpose of ensuring the integrity of your products as they are transported from production line to store to customer homes.

It Communicates Values

Believe it or not, something as simple as excessive or exaggerated packaging can instill a negative experience by creating an unwanted association between your brand and a lack of commitment to sustainability. 

More and more, 21st century customers are dedicating themselves to eco-conscious modes of consumption. In practice, this often means renouncing brands that fail to express eco-friendly values, from the production of their goods, down to how they are packaged.

Focusing on high quality, minimalistic and environmentally sustainable (look for the term ‘biodegradable’) packaging and mailer boxes is a surefire way to win you some credentials with conscious consumers, and as an added bonus, it will decrease the carbon footprint of your brand overall

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