Mailer Boxes

Custom printed cardboard boxes offer numerous benefits for businesses that require shipping and packaging solutions. Firstly, these boxes are highly durable and provide excellent protection for the items being shipped. They are also versatile and can be used for various packaging needs, making them an excellent choice for businesses with diverse product offerings. 

Additionally, custom printed cardboard boxes offer branding potential through custom designs and printing, making them a great marketing tool for businesses. Finally, cardboard boxes are an eco-friendly option compared to other packaging materials, as they are recyclable and biodegradable.

Customized Mailer Boxes for your products. Made in different dimensions, styles, and sizes according to your needs and in material of your choice.

Product Specs

  • Premium Cardbox construction 
  • Kraft Cardboard E flute / E/B Flute 
  • Premium SBS Cardboard E flute / E/B Flute 
  • White Mottled Cardboard E flute / E/B Flute 
  • Digitall Cut / Creased / Perforated
  • Packed in Cartons o Palletized
  • Ships to all United States from Florida


Production Lead-times 5-10 Business Days

Partial Deliveries available upon request

Packed in Cartons o Palletized

Ships to all United States from Florida


High Quality Printing HP Latex® inks

High Quality

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