7 Essential Items For Marketing at Any Event

Anyone who has ever attended an event knows that there is a lot of physical marketing taking place. From brochures to postcards and everything in between, people are trying to get their products in front of you at every turn. At times, it can feel like everyone is selling something! While some people might find this overwhelming, they don’t have to if you do your marketing right. You want items that will engage people, and get event-goers to ask questions, remember your brand, and convert to sales.

If you want your business to succeed during events, here are 7 essential items for marketing:

1) A Clear Booth with Signage: The first thing anyone sees when they walk into any type of event is your booth or table. Make sure that it stands out from all other booths by having a nice sign on top with your logo prominently displayed.

2) High-Quality Brochures: Brochures are a fantastic way to make a great first impression and keep people brand-aware after the event is over. The goal is to leave behind brochures that people will want to take home with them. Brochures should include the event title and date prominently displayed, as well as images of your products or services.

Make sure that any brochure you hand out contains contact information for potential customers who want more information about your business. Also, make them fun! Try to be creative without leaning too much on a traditional sales pitch. People at events will appreciate this.

3) Postcards: Nothing is quite as timeless as postcards when it comes to sharing memories. The same applies to marketing, especially at events. Postcards are great because they are small and easy to carry. These cards can also be sent through the mail or handed out at other events, so you have long-term exposure for your business.

Marketing is not just about selling products. It’s about showing people your product in a way that gets them excited to use it themselves! Postcards can convey messages and create memories. Even if these memories are small, they’re great for people to take home with them, and remind them of the recent event.

4) Pens: It may sound simple, but even in today’s digital age there’s still a tremendous value in giving out pens at events. Pens are something that people never want to run out of, and will always use. Pens can be used as a reminder for your brand name or logo when they do their school work or complete daily tasks at home. Pair your pens with some postcards or interactive brochures to combine your marketing collateral in a creative, memorable way.

5) Coffee Cups: Much like pens, coffee cups have a tremendous practical value for people, particularly those that attend events and trade shows. Who doesn’t want a quality new mug while traveling, and to take home with them? Make your coffee cups fun, and incorporate them into your theme. It’s a perfect, practical fit for physical marketing.

You can even take your game up a notch and offer coffee cups meant for travel, so event-goers can walk around with them wherever they go. It’s environmentally conscious, practical, useful, and a fun way to market to your audience!

6) Wearables: Fashion accessories, even if they’re very simple, are often a big hit at events when it comes to branding and marketing. Bracelets are some of the most popular examples of this. Giving your audience something to wear is a great way to integrate your brand into their everyday lives. Plus, they will probably wear it long after the event is over, too! They don’t have to be expensive, and they are much less likely to be thrown out than paper goods.

7) An Interactive Booth: Aside from all of the swag you can give away, you leave the biggest impression on an event crowd by the way you structure your booth. If it’s just promotional, it doesn’t have a full impact. You want people to DO something at your booth. That could be a game, visual media interaction, interacting with your staff, etc. Whatever requires them to interact, rather than just observe, is a huge bonus.

You can incorporate your other physical marketing collateral into a powerful interactive booth. This is a great 360-degree approach to event marketing that is both creative and effective.

To learn more about various physical marketing tools that you can use at events, check out our website. You can also contact us by email at [email protected], or call us at 305-615-3320.

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