Why Physical Promotional Products are Highly Effective For Your Marketing Activation

Have you ever wondered why marketing activations are so important to a business’s overall marketing strategy? Trying to understand more about what marketing activation is, for that matter? Don’t worry, these are common questions and ones that have important answers. Marketing activations are a type of marketing tactic where physical items such as signs, booklets, postcards, and other promotional products are used to promote the brand. 

The reason they’re so effective is that people notice them, and interact with them in a way that drives brand memory and incentivizes sales. Good marketing activations stand out from the crowd and can be seen by a lot more people than just those who come across your website or social media page. Not only do these types of marketing tactics help drive sales, but they also increase brand loyalty with consumers to whom they appeal.

Types of Physical Promotional Products for Marketing Activations

There are many types of physical promotional products available to you for marketing activations. These products include but are not limited to signs, shirts, hats, booklets, pens, and buttons. These marketing tools can be customized with your company name or logo so consumers have a constant reminder of you every time they use them. It’s also important to make them fun, and a good representation of your brand or business!

In addition to the wide variety of promotional products available for marketing activations, there is also a large selection of customizable giveaways that businesses can choose from when looking into physical marketing tactics. Some examples include mugs that double as both coffee cups and free advertising space. Others could include magnets or home decorations that appeal to an aesthetic and practical purpose, without coming off as too salesy.

These are (some of) the questions you have to ask yourself when considering what to buy for a marketing activation:

  • Is it memorable?
  • Does it speak to my audience?
  • Is it practical, or does it have to be practical?
  • Does it represent my brand and brand values?
  • Will it drive sales?

Curating which types of physical products you include in your marketing activations is much more important than people think. You don’t want to just fill a space with fun things to look at. Your branding activations need products that are deliberate, effective, and efficient. They are worth the investment because if done right, they can generate a lot of brand success over time. Physical marketing is not going anywhere, and that’s why marketing activations are still highly effective marketing tools.

Physical promotional products can convey more than just a message. They often have practical value to the consumer, which means they will be used. This increases brand exposure and marketing success. People are drawn to physical marketing because it’s interesting, fun, and interactive. It can stand out from a distance or up close.

The point is that the right marketing activations should grab people’s attention. They’ll veer off their usual path to check them out, whether through curiosity, humor, or the need for something new in their life. Your products have got to get people curious about what you’ve got going on with your brand. Having portable, functioning physical marketing tools gives consumers the opportunity to take your message wherever they go. Your message becomes mobile when attached to these items, which is invaluable when building a brand.

How to Get Custom Physical Marketing Products for Marketing Activations

The easiest way to get top-quality physical marketing products for marketing activations is through Idea Makers. We are a one-stop shop for all of the tools and collateral needed to pull off the best marketing activations for your business, every time. Idea Makers is all about adaptability, functionality, and creative expression when it comes to creating custom physical marketing solutions for businesses. There’s nothing cookie-cutter about what we do, and what we offer you.

To get started on your plan for the ultimate branding for marketing activations, contact us today to see how we can help. We’ll go over your branding goals, scope, budget, and creatives to make sure you get the best products available to you at the best price. Idea Makers can make your vision come to life, creating huge physical marketing tools that net immediate results for your business or branding. Let us show you what we can do, and help you take your brand to the next level.

Reach out to us via email with any questions you may have here: [email protected]. You can also call us directly at 305-615-3320.

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