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Experiential marketing

Experiential marketing is another one of those marketing terms and look at it is understandable there are so many different marketing terms out there. A lot of them do tend to cross over with one another and experiential marketing to sound like one of those terms that Marketing created because he didn’t like the term event marketing or he didn’t like the term Brand Experience, but experiential marketing is a tactic that you can take into your marketing strategy

So what is experiential marketing? Well, it’s a form of unique marketing allows the brand to engage with the audience in a way that they wouldn’t normally do so these experiences could be a pop-up kiosk, or a test drive with a limited edition car, or an interactive booth, or so way that the audience can engage with a brand in a truly unique way now the impact of this has is it leaves a long lasting impression on the consumer on the person in that experience, and it is shown to drive brand loyalty if you pull it off correctly then you can earn media exposure as well. 


Brand Awareness

You can earn some PR to go with that so it is a really effective way to drive brand awareness to raise the profile of your brand if you can come up with a really creative way to give your audience a unique experience, so why use experiential marketing well the first reason, use experiential marketing is ready to get attention and you’re doing something completely out of the ordinary something left of center and what that does is it provides a sense of uniqueness and provides that real sense of novelty to the audience that you know they haven’t seen something like this before they have engaged with a brand in a way like this before and as I said, that leaves a long lasting impression on long, long, lasting memory, that will keep the brand top of mind for a long time, but the other reason that you use it Experiential branding is to create an experience that with the line with the position that you want on in the mind of your audience. 

A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is—it is what consumers tell each other it is.
Scott Cook

Brand experience

As an example if you have a brand that you want to align with energy, then you might create a brand experience or experiential marketing campaign would you give that audience some kind of his of adrenaline so that is how you would align your brand with that Experience and help to solidify that position in the mind of your audience that you are a brand that is aligned with this term.

Showing that you are a brand that is aligned with this term so effective well, it gives us the human action that we actually need. About 74% of consumers actually said that if they had any unique experience, they would be far more likely likely to buy from that brand as well so that is one of the reasons that it is so effective and if you think about how we engage with other people, if you think about what we share with other people share experiences that we’ve had in our lives with our friends with our family, and if you have a unique More likely to share that experience with somebody else, then an advertisement that you saw so that is one of the unique angles of experiential one word of meant marketing that evolves from this experience itself.

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